Our World lost the Greatest Icon


Our World lost African the greatest   icon, in December 5, 2013. Who is Nelson Mandella has died yesterday midnight aged 95. He was prisoner at very cold island of Roben for 27 years. He struggle Racism the so called appartide in South Africa until to free in 1993. Then He was a president of new bright South Africa 1994-1999.mandella

Madella is a father of justice, peace, love and a good symbol for all over the world. And also he was a bridge for giveness. His work and role is not only for South Africa but also worldwide. His fruit will be above statue. Now who likes Mandella in Africa as well as the world? He is just gift of God Rather than his positive role for the people. Today our world especially Africa needs another Mandella for the nation otherwise they might be back as earlier. Really today our World lost its icon.

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