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President’s office requests list of convicted, charged political party leaders

By Tamiru Tsige

EPRDF chairsmen's
Photo: The governor EPRDF Chairmen’s

The Office of the President requested the Federal Prisons Administration and the Federal Attorney General respectively to provide it with a list of political party members and leaders who are eligible for pardon as well as political party leaders and members currently on trial, The Reporter learnt.

According to sources close to the matter, the President’s Office is due to receive the lists within two days.

It is to be remembered that, in a joint briefing they gave to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) yesterday, the leadership of the four member parties of the EPRDF announced that opposition party members and leaders will be released and that charges against those undergoing trial will be withdrawn.

The infamous detention and investigation center also known as “Maekelawi” was also said to be closed and converted to a modern museum.

Source: Reporter

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