The death of Meles and challenges of the new prime minister

Bisrat Woldemichael

It is sorrowful when every human being has died. Mr. Meles is so lucky to die through sickness. Because, in the Ethiopian history of Modern state establishment (starting from Emperor Tewodros II up to Mr. Meles) he become the first person to hold out the national funeral ceremony.

On the other side he can be called lucky to die before suffering like other governor of North Africa and Middle East countries on the current disturbance of political, economic and social situations honorable death have a value.

For today let’s see the destiny of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn who is successor of PM. Meles.

            Voyage of Mr. Hailemariam

Mr. Hailemariam who was born on the southern region of the country called Wolayta zone, he have graduate in civil Engineering with BSc. and sanitary engineering with MSc. and served at Arbaminch University as a lecturer and dean before Joining SEPDM/EPRDF. After the former president of southern region called Mr. Abate Kisho has prisoner due to corruption, he has served the region for five years as the president of the regions and transfer to the federal government and again serve to the federal government and as an advisor of Mr. Meles Zenawi in social affairs.

There after the election of 2002/2010, he has served as deeply Prime Minister and Ministry of foreign affairs. It is expected to rule the coming three years as the prime Minister of the country. However, the situation of EPRDF cannot be believed so that it is better what will happen through time.


The notices come out of the EPRDF office put a big challenge before Mr. Hailemariam. Because, is explained that the directions made by Mr. Meles should continue in a strengthen way.

As it is about the explanation of the party, there will be an impediment to practice the different thoughts of the new PM. from that of the former PM. However, if Mr. Hailemariam wants to win this and record his own historical print, it is expected to take an improvement measures.

Specially, distraction of political, economic and social affairs done by the administration of the former PM. Meles and also human rights violence are still alive through the minds of the people. So that it will be challenges of Mr. Hailemariam which needs correction sooner.

            Newly expected happenings

Following the death of PM. Meles and settling the country, he is expected to control embezzlement of the property of the people, taking administrative measures on Ministers for their faults, developing foreign diplomacy relation and creating an opportunity of national understanding and agreement.

As the above notified points stayed as they are, if he has a skill to communicate and convincing he can solve the problem that will happen in security structure, security officials and other peace army regarding shaping their authority. In addition to the above mentioned points, he is expected to let free the illegally prisoner innocents (Journalists and politicians) without any pre-conditions and by discussing together with other competent political parties and concerned bodies in starting a transparent discussion and dealing to listen the heart beat of the people and giving the appropriate response.

The other thing is that, he has a home work in improving the practice of freedom of speech, promoting the independent media through practice and to work freely from the ruling party for those vital institutions of democracy like election board, court and securities.

He should open a door of improvement towards those proclamation which are prepared to kidnap the community like land lease, anti terrorism, press, civic associations and election proclamation.

However, if he can’t correct the above mentioned points and want to continue by keeping the former administration, Mr. Hailemariam have no his ruling role or there is a ruler behind. For this reason, the tension of the people will explode and lead the country to the unnecessary direction so that he will be forced to accept sorrowful challenges which were faced to PM. Meles if he were alive.

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